Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hike and fire

I started my morning early. I originally intended to drive to Mount Vernon in northeast Texas, which promotes two birding sites. But rather than drive an hour and a half, I opted to go to Farmersville instead, about thirty-five minutes away.
First I went to Southlake Park. There I saw a Painted Bunting, two Dickcissel, and a Lark Sparrow, the three main things to see there, as well as some other cool birds. The recent rains and tall grasses caused me to get a bit soggy. I decided to head into town to walk the Chapparal Trail. The Chapparal Trail is a 130-mile rail trail that runs from Farmersville to New Boston, nearly to the Arkansas border. I wanted to walk its first few miles, which are paved.

I started walking at 9:20 a.m. Soon I was taking pictures of an Eastern Phoebe strutting its stuff. I saw a hummingbird tending her tiny nest. I saw another Painted Bunting, and lovely Northern Cardinals.

When I got back to downtown Farmersville, it was 11 a.m. This sight greeted me:

Farmersville is a small town with a traditional downtown of older brick buildings.
Two burned down today. The fire had begun at 10, while I was walking. I watched for a moment as the firefighters worked hard and reduced the open flames. Then I drove home. I am glad that most of downtown was saved but sorry to see this damage.

I got some soft chicken tacos at Taco Bell. Then I headed to Limestone Quarry Park, where I liked the little Common Buckeye butterfly I saw. I went back home and worked on a project that is part of my job. I looked up the manual for my digital camera to change some settings. The late afternoon was hot and sunny--a contrast with the cooler and overcast morning.

In the evening I went to Panda Express for mixed vegetables, broccoli beef and string bean chicken. I spoke to my wife on the phone. I walked a bit in Bethany Lakes Park. Then I went home, waited until the weather cooled, and then walked Beatrice. Now I am watching a Harry Potter move (again) and thinking about
tomorrow's plans. Today I walked more than 22,000 steps for some ten miles, though my intention was not to try to set some land-step record.

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