Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

passing all understanding

Saturday morning I got up early and drove to the nearby suburb of Carrollton. I walked on the Blue Trail and then on the Purple Trail. I like that the trails in Carrollton bear simple color names. I saw lots of birds.

Then I went to the Dallas Makerspace for the monthly meeting of the North Texas Linux Users Group. I like those folks. Meetings tend to be loosely structured. One fellow gave a great demonstration of the capabilities of his Raspberry Pi 3. I was impressed that he had loaded public domain Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films on his SD card.

After the meeting, I drove to Church's Chicken for lunch. Then I took Beatrice for a walk. Saturday evening our friends Cathy and Tanya came over for dinner. My wife made a great penne pasta with turkey-based sweet Italian sausage. we all had a great time. They stayed, talking with us, until late at night.

Sunday, I went to Weight Watchers, where I was drastically down in weight, a week after being drastically up. I suspect scale inconsistency, but I know it's probably instead water gains and losses. I went to church at First UMC, where the sermon was inspiring--I resolved to be more positive about the things I saw about people, rather than a bit satiric. After church, I walked in Oak Point Park. I hoped to see the male Painted Bunting, but instead I saw what a female bunting, either Painted or Indigo. I like both male and female, but they are very different. I did see a lovely female Eastern Bluebird who proved photogenic.

Sunday afternoon, we got bad news. My wife's father, 84 years of age, has spent much of late last year and this year fighting a serious health condition. My wife got a call that he was not doing well. I took Beatrice for a walk, where we spied a Common Nighthawk on a fence. When we returned home half an hour later, I was shocked to learn my wife's father had just died, a bit sooner than anyone had hoped or feared. I had earlier in the day helped my wife write his obituary, but I did not believe it was for immediate use.

We galvanized into action. I got my wife's plane ticket. We drove into her office to pick up her work laptop. Her office building is adjacent to the part of Richardson which holds the Wildflower Festival. As we gathered the things she needed, an ex-second-string-singer for the band Asia played that band's standard tunes. In another other time I would have been fascinated to see where my wife works, but we had other concerns.

This morning I woke up with a sharp awareness of the loss of my wife's father, who was a great and good guy. Sunday we had been too busy on logistics to go much past shock. A Super Shuttle picked up my wife for her plane trip. I will go up later. I drove through the driving rain to an early meeting at work. I made my own plans to go north, as my wife arranged for someone to watch our home and Beatrice.

As I started to go to the office, I noticed Beatrice was trying to catch a tiny bunny in our back yard. Beatrice is slow now, but this morning she had a spring in her step. I diverted her, and the bunny escaped. But little bunnies have no common sense, so I will have to keep an eye out.

I worked a solid day, taking a break for a t-k-y sandwich, baked chips and garde vegetable soup. At day's end, I stopped at Dickey's BBQ for BBQ chicken and green beans.

Tonight I took Beatrice for a walk, and talked to my wife about this sad time. She is hanging in there, and being supportive of her family, as is her nature.

I had gotten to see my father-in-law a few weeks ago, when he was quite ill but feeling well enough to enjoy visitors. we will miss him very much. He was the last of our biological parents to pass away. The next few days will be deeply meaningful, but not easy.

But if one part of Heaven is being remembered by one's friends and family,then my late father-in-law inhabits the most exalted paradise of my fondness and esteem in my memory.

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