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The Watters Creek Trail runs, not surprisingly, along Watters Creek, a tributary of a tributary of the Trinity River that creates a kind of prairie delta throughout north Texas.

I can walk to the trailhead in a few blocks from my house. The trail is what I call a "sidewalk trail"--not so much a nature trail as a paved concrete path. The morning proved overcast, causing me to put on my blue rain jacket. The threatened rain never materialized, though.

I had been sorely tempted to go on a bird walk at one of the three places nearby holding one. In the Spring, a bird walk offers me the chance to see migrating warblers that I often don't see near my home. But a bird walk might only get me 4,000 steps of exercise in four hours. Walking on the Watters Creek Trail today, by contrast, involved 12,000 steps. It's true that I only saw 16 species in my walk on the trail, in Green Park and in Glendover Park. I would have seen 25 to 60 species on a walk, depending on the walk I had chosen. But I liked what I did. I may not have seen obscure Canadian warblers, but I did see seven migrating Common Nighthawks, with their impossibly huge and thin "v-shaped" wings flying in a loose formation.

After my solo walk. I took Beatrice for her walk. I liked the Eastern Phoebe near Glendover Pond, but Beatrice focused much more on local squirrel life.

I had lunch at the local Chinese buffet, where I was heavy on the kim chee and fresh pineapple, moderate on the chicken with broccoli and hot and sour soup, and light on a single steamed dumpling. After lunch, I took a quick walk in Allen Station Park, where I saw young Eastern Bluebirds.

I drove home and got some paperwork done that needed doing, and sorted out some more paperwork to do tomorrow.

At 5:15, my wife and I arrived for our reservation at Seasons 52. I like this place, with its healthy menu. I had a boneless grilled trout with new potatoes and heritage carrots, and a cup of chicken and white bean chili.My wife had lamb with a side salad.

Now we are enjoying the movie "The Intern" on pay-per-view and winding down the evening. I walked 20,000 steps today, a record for me since I began tracking steps.

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