Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

krita and kite

I listened to the Linux Unplugged Podcast today. The hosts gave some coverage to a Kickstarter crowd-funding for the cool open software graphics program called Krita. The hosts made the point that the video lacked a voice-over to describe the product being funded:

Krita video

As they began to play the audio, I recognized it. It was a snippet of music I created called "Impure Memories of Osaka". It had been incorporated into a ccMixter remix created by Doxent Zsigmund called "Forgotten Land". So the fellows on Linux Unplugged may have been right that an audio-only soundtrack does not speak to most listener, but this one spoke, a little, to me. I am glad my Creative Commons music got this use in Doxent's work, and then in this video.

Krita is a fun drawing program, by the way, so I'll donate a little to it. I am all for software which is free as in libre and free as in root beer.

Yesterday I read some articles on the internet about the English novelist Olivia Manning. I read both her novel cycles "The Balkan Trilogy" and "The Levant Trilogy", which made her reputation. Both novels feature English characters caught up in World War Two, first in Romania then in Egypt. I had seen a dramatization on Masterpiece Theater with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh.

The articles I read stressed how Ms. Manning did not get along well with others, and this arguably bled over to arguably affect her literary career. Apparently
she felt frustrated because she did not get the recognition some of her peers got.
I have known folks like her who are dying to make a kind of public difference, and always vaguely disappointed with life because they did not find fame or note-worthiness.

Her two autobiographical novel cycles both trouble me in the same way. Based on her own life, her female protagonist sees the people among whom she is thrown in ethnic stereotypes that even in 1938 were backwards for her time. They raise that odd question about any roman a clef. Clearly, the author understood that her character was ignorant of those cultures. But the character is troubling, because perhaps some of the author's own views still mirrored the character. Novels are fascinating, but analysis of novels is an uncertain task. I felt badly that Ms. Manning's friends sometimes called her "Olivia Moaning", though the allusion reminds me of "Moaning Myrtle" from J.K. Rowling's novels.

Every day I see new things in the air. Today was a Great Crested Flycatcher and a Mississippi Kite. Tonight yet another storm is predicted to arrive.

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