Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

getting the kite to fly

After my last journal post, I went to the garage to find a kite.
There I found my wife, who was engaged in a massive Fall clearing.
She advised that rather than the garage, I might better pursue my kite goal at a local dollar store. I went to Big Lots. I went to Dollar General. I went to Target. The kites had all been supplanted by elves and Barbies. Then I looked in my car trunk.
There,in addition to a spare tire and two cane fishing poles, I located a multi-color plastic kite and heavy red string. I drove to nearby Bethany Lakes park, which has three small lakes surrounded by sidewalks, as well as an open space. I went to the open space, whereupon my kite began to rapidly accelerate upward.
Although it was a Delta kite not really designed for a tail, it proved unstable, and I wished I had had a tail on it as it looped the loop quite unintentionally. At one point, this kite showed real Jonny Quest Show potential, as it dipped into one of the little lakes. Still, I had a fair bit of fun. Although NPR had been doing a Ben Franklin piece just before I started, I did not get hit by lightning.

Then I drove around Allen and Fairview and Lucas and environs, listening to selected shorts. An Egyptian expatriate writer read a short story about being an Egyptian expatriate writer in Italy.
He said that the dirt road to the cemetary is dusty, as Mediterranean roads always are when they are not paved. I thought to myself that Italy must be a fair bit like Arkansas in August.

Then I came home again and went to the site, whose word counter then verified that I had completed my novel, and provided me with congratulations, a pdf winner certificate, and a bit of HTML which I tried to plug in here, but then could not get to work.

I am pleased the novel deal worked out, but I wish my kite had flown a little more stably today.
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