Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

exhausting day

I stopped at the air pump outside the Tom Thumb to air my tires up on the way to work. I got to work, had a telephone call at 10, and then headed to meet up with a colleague at 11:40. We went downtown for an important business matter. We were downtown from 2:00 to 5:15. I enjoyed the work--so many times in my work the things that are the most work and the most stressful are also the most interesting. I suspect lots of jobs work that way.

I rolled back home from my colleague's office. I walked Beatrice. Today's promised rain never materialized. I fired up my computer and accomplished two upgrades.
One upgrade was an issue that was causing an update to simba fail. I found the
commands to fix this on the Q4OS website forum. The second upgrade was to research and then download the Windows fonts for use with Libre Office. I had noticed today that my install of that word processing software featured only open fonts with cool names like Liberation Serif, but I needed Times New Roman. I now have it installed.

I watched the season finale of the television show "Supergirl". I hope the show gets renewed.

I had missed lunch, so I went to Whichwich for a turkey sandwich. I checked on a couple of work matters.

My wife returns tomorrow, after four days of relatively good news. Beatrice and I
are ready for her return. First step in preparation her return: moving the beetle carcasses Beatrice dragged in back outdoors.

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