Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

100% of brain function on screen, 5 % in real life

Last night my sleep was a bit hit and miss. Around midnight, I found myself watching the movie "Lucy" with Scarlett Johannsson. The movie held my interest, despite being rather violent. I am easily captured by stories of extra-human-typical powers, and also, parenthetically, by after-life stories. Also, fantastical plots are sometimes well-served by omitting explanations.

I woke up at 7:30 or so. I ate Kix cereal and skim milk. I set out to the Dallas suburb of Carrollton. I stopped at the Blue Line Trail, a sidewalk which cut through open fields near wetlands. I enjoyed hearing the metallic clank-song of Red-Winged Blackbirds. This bird song is a reminder that not all music is comprised of diatonic melody.

By 9:30 I arrived at the Dallas Makerspace for the meeting of the North Texas Linux Users Group. When I arrived, a few folks were getting help installing Linux on their systems. One high-school-or-so fellow was for his first install putting in the somewhat demanding Arch Linux. I helped him get a few steps done, but he soon progressed past my ability to help. I do not run difficult-to-install systems like Arch. Soon, though, an Arch user arrived at the meeting, and helped with the commands to make for a smooth install. Meanwhle, I helped two fellows figure out how to install Ubunbtu-based (in this case, Linux Lite) systems on two other computers. It felt good to be able to help, even if only a bit.

In this vein, I am developing a balanced view of Q4OS, my daily driver home laptop operating system. This system puts the Trinity desktop and some convenient installation scripts onto a Debian Stable distribution. I like its Debian stability, its ease of install, its ease of codec installation, and the way the Cinnamon and Mate desktops look on it. But I miss a few things I get on Peppermint OS, a Lubuntu relative. For one thing, I like Unetbootin better than dd to put an .iso file on a USB drive or SD card, But the Debian repository lacks this tool. Also, my Peppermint OS has a cool GUI that instantly recognizes my internet aircard. My Q4Os install "sees" it, but lacks the drivers. When I went to install the drivers, I found that, of all things, Q4OS sets a "no root" as default. Apparently, I must use password recovery simply to get my root password in place. Still, I love the ease of Q4OS. I'll keep it as my daily driver, but maybe create a little Ubuntu-derived second partition.

I ate a turkey plate with two helpings of green beans and a 1/2 of a dinner roll at Dickey's Barbecue Pitt. I walked in Limestone Quarry Park. I spoke with Mark,who was pushing his daughter's perambulator. Mark is also a birder in that area, who told me about birds he had seen lately. Then I drove to Dallas for a 2:30 p.m. working meeting. I am working with a colleague at a different firm on a matter. I first worked with him on a matter in 1983, some 32+ years ago. I enjoy working with him still. I have lots of friends who were not born in 1983.

I heard from a former senior partner about the death of someone we all knew.

My colleague and I worked together from 2:30 to 5:50. I stopped by a nearby Micro-Center, but did not find what I sought. Then I headed to Taco Casa in Allen for three soft tacoes. Now I am relaxing, after having walked Beatrice--perhaps I should say "ran Beatrice", as that senior citizen had major ya-ya's to run off.

My wife is out of town visiting an ill relative, but Bea and I are holding down the fort as best we can.

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