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The center *need not* hold

The contrast between the coastal greenery on my trip back east and the somewhat browner Dallas reality was noticeable. On the ground here, though, the white pear tree flowers had given way to ethereal pink redbud tree flowers. I've got a busy weekend planned, or a trip to the piney woods for dogwood viewing tomorrow would be in order. The azaleas in South Carolina whetted my appetite for a little southern bloom. Tonight we're to go to a rather late Josh Allan show; I can't remember if I've seen him in concert before or not. I remember when he was on everybody's "next to..." list, but so many times the artists who one imagines *have* to "make it" nationally stay regional the whole time. Lately I've been listening to the CD by the Preston Ridge quartet. I rarely buy "quiet storm" jazz, but this is a really nice CD. To me, there's a kind of fun about folks who work day jobs, play restaurants and bars at night, and release professional sounding CDs. I guess my sympathies are with those who DIY. told me by e mail (actually, by an odd e mail that made me look up a website--not a model of customer service) that my order of a CD of Be Bop Deluxe's Axe Victim will be delayed. I've been gradually ordering in CD those things I loved in LP.
I know that the import Axe Victim CD will not have the
cool lyric sheet and the foldout cover with the Cocteau quote in the middle, but I'll enjoy it anyway. I still find myself singing "Jets at Dawn" spontaneously the last several weeks or so ("woke this morning, the war was over, the radio was singing love songs...."). I'll have to go from memory until it arrives. I'm eager to get work done and write poetry and mail out mail art and write e mails to friends and make the interior of my car look at little less frightful. Oh, and I want world peace, too.

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