Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

staying in town on a great Spring day

I thought about going to the wildlife reserves or to a bird walk at a state park. I thought about driving to Oklahoma or taking the train to the Audubon Center. But I wanted to have my afternoon free for fun things and practical things. So I walked in our local city parks. April means migrating warblers, but so far the only one I've seen is the Black-and-White Warbler. I thought I saw a Hooded Warbler today, but I did not get a good enough view to "count it".

At Bethany Lakes Park, some parks and recreation kids' fun run was in session--perhaps it was an Earth Day thing. I liked the teens whose job was to throw colored powder on competitors. I saw two of these teens at race end, covered in colored powder, and one said "got to admit--this was way more fun than I expected". I saw a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet with its ruby crown showing. This is unusual, but it is Spring now.

The young man I mentored through Big Brothers/Big Sisters messaged me while I was on a walk, suggesting we spend the day together. But by the time I got back with him to ask hin to lunch a few hours later, he already had plans with friends. We'll schedule another Saturday.

I got more instant oatmeal at Big Lots. I met my wife at Elke's, our town's great soup and sandwich lunch place, for a delightful lunch. Once again the staff got my order wrong, a continuation from last night. I blame alternate universe wormholes.My turkey sandwich on "happy hippy bread" was quite good.

I took Beatrice for a walk at 1:30, which she much enjoyed. I got lots of digital camera pictures of an Eastern Phoebe, who was perched on a bare stick by a juniper tree in our neighborhood's little pond park.

I found the last paperwork I needed for my accountant, and emailed it to him. Then I started installing Elementary O/S in a computer. But I will need to install a new hard drive to that computer.

My wife and I cleaned our garage a bit, with the goal to allow her to park inside the next time we have a hail storm. We dropped some things off at our storage space. Then we went to Spazo, where I had a spaghetti marinara, a minestrone soup, and one slice of my wife's chicken pizza.

After dinner, we walked in the little park. The woman who sneaks in at night to feed the geese told us long stories of the poor geese taken recently by a predator and her own unorthodox approach to wildlife preservation. I avoided expressing my views on the way I thought she handled things I would handle differently. She is a nice woman who means well. She calls the duck and geese social situation "Peyton Place". I withhold comment.

Perhaps tonight I'll go make some music.

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