Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hawks and sparrows

Last night I got a message from Bandcamp that a friend's duo released a new album, so I went and bought it and downloaded it. It was a fun listen. This morning Beatrice got up at a reasonable hour and decided that this was a reasonable hour for me to wake up, too. I ate Kroger instant oatmeal. I had a solid day at work.
For lunch, I ate roast chicken from Golden Chick, with green beans. I tried to get in a walk at lunch outdoors, but the strong wind wwas alled not "Maria" but instead "Stay indoors". So I walked around the Half-Priced Books, finding nothing I needed to buy.

After work, the wind died down a bit and the day was nearly warm. I went to Breckinridge Park. I enjoyed taking pictures of a troupe of Song Sparrows, though sometimes I think that other sparrows were admixed. Then I took multiple picture of an immature Red-Tailed Hawk, who I first mistook for a female Northern Harrier, then for a large Cooper's Hawk. Eventually, I sorted outthat it was probably an immature Red-Tailed Hawk. A kind soul on the Facebook "What Bird is this?" page confirmed my analysis.

Tonight we watched my wife's favorite show, "Scandal", which long ago jumped over the shark that Fonzie jumped over after he jumped the shark. Then we watched an excellent film about Kim Philby. Now we are watching another excellent film about Althea Gibson. Life is good now.

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