Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the practical alternative

Heading into the weekend, I thought about the many choices of things to do. I considered:
a. taking the train to the Dallas Auto Show;
b. driving to Denton County to go on Ranger Danielle's monthly bird walk;
c. going to the Dallas Makerspace to attend the monthly meeting of the
North Texas Linux Users Group;
d. driving up to Hagerman National Wildlife Reserve to try to spot a Bald Eagle.

But this morning, I determined instead to go into my office and get some things done. On the way to work, I stopped by Travis Farm Park for a short walk. The chilly winds drove me car-ward in short order.

I got to my work a few minutes before ten and put three hours in. I felt really good about the things I got done in a little under half a day. I drove up to
Muddy Creek Nature Preserve, where I walked among Northern Cardinals and a curious Eastern Phoebe. I listened to Radio New Zealand, which interviewed Italian academics on the question of whether Donald Trump is similar to historical fascists.

Then I drove to my nephew's retail store in Plano. I visited with my brother and my nephew. They were using a cool engraving machine (and Windows 98 software) to engrave name tags. We had a nice visit.I left them sorting out fabric paint.

I picked up two magazines and headed to Boston Market for lunch, where I had a 1/4 chicken (skin removed), new potatoes, mixed vegetables and half a piece of cornbread.

I drove to Spring Creek at Custer in Plano. I walked for 90 minutes on the sidewalk way known, with a bit of grandiose charm, as the Chisholm Trail. The trees featured lots of Cedar Waxwings feeding on fruit and a couple of Cooper's Hawks (who were hoping, I surmise, to feed on Cedar Waxwings). I listened to the Bad Voltage podcast.

I drove home. My wife had just arrived home from lunch with her friend Maleka. Rather than going to a restaurant, my wife's work friend from her old job made eggs and my wife brought over a home-made waffle.

We leashed Beatrice up and took her for a walk. We met Beatrice's sole canine friend, a sprightly Shih Tzu named Diva.The dogs said a warm but somewhat desultory "hi" while we chatted with Diva's owners.

We tried to go to Bonefish Grill for dinner. The fellow who greeted us told us it would be a long wait for a table, but we could sit at the bar. We never mind sitting at the bar, but after he launched into a long discussion of parts of the bar not available instead of just showing us to the part that was available, I asked if we could bail out. Next Gloria's Salvadoran/Mexican restaurant was too crowded.

I knew that we were walking distance from one of my wife's favorite places, La Duni. La Duni is a somewhat frou-frou latin fusion place that never caught my fancy. I offered that we could go there, as I knew it would never be crowded.
We headed that way, only to find that its landlord had posted a lock-out notice for non-payment of rent. We were surprised that it had bitten the dust,though
it was perhaps not the ideal location for its style. I joked with my wife that its closing after I had made the supreme sacrifice of offering to go there was proof of Providence.

We headed to Zoe's Mediterranean Grill, where the line was non-existent and the food was as always grand. I had a turkey pita sandwich and chicken orzo soup.

We then went to Yogurtville in Allen for frozen yogurt. We found that the local piano teachers were having a piano recital there. This worked very well. Rather than some band playing "Tequila Sunrise" or boy-band songs, we got beginner to intermediate piano pieces. This was great for all involved. The kids and parents got to eat frozen yogurt and relax while each virtuoso awaited her or his turn.
It was low-key, the kids did great, and my wife and I enjoyed hearing classics like the Harry Potter theme.

Now we are home, my cell phone is charging, and we are watching "The Peanuts Movie".

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