Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

an item I never heard of

Today the temperature stayed temperate but the wind turned chill. Parts of the Metroplex got huge hail, but my part only got foreboding clouds. I walked at Heritage Park in Sachse. I thought I would see little bird life in the windy, chilly warmth but I got some fun looks at the rolled-gold loveliness of Eastern Meadowlarks.

Tonight I did client intake and gave legal advice at the Garland Dallas Volunteers Attorney Program legal clinic. I think it's resilient to go to a Salvation Army place to get advice from lawyers who speak all that lawyer jargon.

I ordered three chicken soft tacos for dinner, but the fellow behind the register added an item I did not order. The mistake was innocent, and when I realized he'd made it, I pointed it out. He called his manager over to give the small partial refund on my credit card. Nobody grumbled, the manager treated this tiny matter as important, and the whole place made the Garland Taco Bueno seem less like a routine fast food place and more like a cool place where mistakes get fixed as if they mattered.

European Starlings hop everywhere.

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