Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

TKY Ekiga

I ate a T-K-Y sandwich with chicken noodle soup and baked chips for lunch at Potbelly. We ate lean reuben sandwiches on rye for dinner. Beatrice and I took a walk around the pond after work. Last night I installed the free and open source software Ekiga last night. It's a more open Skype alternative. Beyond Skype's privacy issues, I wanted something that still provides full Linux support. I looked at Jitsi, but chose Ekiga because it was easy to line up a way to use the service to call regular old telephone lines. I like that foreign calling with VOIP is so inexpensive, though in fact I rarely international calling. My favorite VOIP story was when we were on vacation in Kauai and I had terrible cell service, but was able to do a business conference call via VOIP with ease.

Tonight I've been reading about LXPup, Tiny Core, and the upcoming next rainfall.
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