Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


The rain fell intermittently today, leaving a nice space for me to walk in the park at lunch. A Yellow-Rumped Warbler had more vivid color, shedding its Winter plumage as it prepares for the trip north. The forecast predicts more rain.

We fell asleep while the movie channel on television played 1960s Disney films. We woke up to Jeannette McDonald's final film, in which Lassie co-starred. I have a soft spot for Lassie,who reminds me of Sunday evenings eating my mother's tomato soup and watching Lassie and the Wonderful World of Disney.

I'm thinking about attending a chamber music concert, of going to a lecture about woodpeckers, of taking a long hike on a walking trail to the local library, or of doing none of the above this weekend.

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