Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Ocean memory

The rain resumed today. A Dark-Eyed Junco stood on the back fence, elegantly framed by huge falling drops of water. My wife is planning to visit her parents during their stay in Houston this weekend. I researched fun things for them to do on the train line. I remembered a trip I took my nephew upon to the Johnson Space Center years ago. We drove down and back in one day. We had a great time. I had been once before, when we visited my aunt and uncle when I was a boy. That same trip had been my first chance to see the ocean. The Gulf of Mexico was not pristine, but its beach was where I got to be.

I got a lot done at work today, but I was a bit weary from the travel yesterday. When we landed last night, a couple of hours late due to a tire issue, the fellow next to me had a razor-thin chance to make his connection to Louisville. Sadly, as I left the plane I heard the airline helper telling him that his flight had departed.

I picked up Stephen Baxter's novel Ultima again last night and got a good bit of it done. I find my interest in fiction waxes and wanes, but I still enjoy a good science fiction to read. I read on my phone after my ereader ran low on charge, which worked surprisingly well.

I looked up how to install the Seamonkey browser to my system and felt good about sorting out the commands. Then it offered to install by removing Firefox, which caused me to stop the situation.

Today I saw Eastern Meadowlarks and Northern Flickers and the charming little Loggerhead Shrike. I am thinking about trains to Alpine, Texas and oven-fried chayote squash.

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