Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Quick Trip West

Monday afternoon I flew to Los Angeles. I ate chicken from El Pollo Loco for lunch. I walked in Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey. I used to go to Burton Chace Park
at night to fish when we lived in Westwood. My gear was inexpensive but serviceable I'd use a Zebco 808 reel and a rod that was "rhino tough". I remember the first fish I caught there, from the little metal fishing dock with the chain metal fence. The fish was a gleaming silvery fish called a Jacksmelt. I remember the way it shimmered in the dark. I caught it using cut squid for bait. Then I released it.

Burton Chace Park is a little city park with some green patches and a good view of the boats in the marina. I like it because it always has a nice assortment of birds, in addition to the Western Gulls and American Crows common to that area.

I saw Yellow-Rumped Warblers, White-Crowned Sparrows and House Finches there. Then I went to the Westchester Public Library, out by the LAX Airport. I like to go to public libraries when I am on a work trip and want a quiet place to get on my computer and get things done. The library was popular Monday, but I found a good place to sit and got some things done. I fell asleep early at my hotel, which was good, because I had to get up early this morning.

My business today went very quickly. I was able to board a 12:45 p.m. plane. But then it was late by 3 hours due to a flat. I read a book on my cell phone, and then listened to music on my computer. I was glad to land after today's rainstorm ended and before tomorrow's begins.

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