Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

less super than supremely odd

Everywhere white pear tree blossoms wave in the breeze. I took Beatrice for a walk tonight. She liked the Cottontail Rabbit we startled, though two other rabbits, seeing us nearby decided discretion was the better part of valor. A small lhasa seemed indifferent to Beatrice, just as she seemed indifferent to two small white terriers. We dined on cube steaks and rotini.

The Super Tuesday primary results are rolling in this evening. I find it hard to believe that the overwhelming number of votes in the Republican primary have gone to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Though I am becoming slowly concussion-averse to American professional football, I am glad that the NFL draft will occur in due course,where the top picks are based on common sense and analysis rather than anger and a desire for a something different. The political analysts say the obvious and fail to say the subtle.

The local news has the sad story of a policeman in Euless killed in an exchange of gunfire with a suspect. It's a difficult life, this police business.

I tried out a lightweight browser called NetSurf. It works pretty well. It might do well on older machines rocking weaker CPUs like Celeron M. I finally figured out how to import image sequences in OpenShot video, which will let me more easily do 2-D animation. I want to do a music video for my song "Ramble" with simple, maybe stickfigure, animation.

Tomorrow I need to build a spreadsheet or two and copy some documents once I get home.

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