Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

El Prado

First thing Sunday morning I walked on the Chishom Trail. I liked the Blue Jay with the acorn in its beak. Then I went to Weight Watchers. This week the scale showed I had lost more weight than I gained last week. Prior to the meeting, the leader teased me a bit about sitting on the back row. She asked if I had problems at work with being shy about speaking up. I explained to her that, on the contrary, I was an attorney quite comfortable with public speaking. She was suitably amused.

One row ahead of me, a nice couple sat down with their two kids. One, a three year old girl, watched a video on her father's tablet computer while wearing Beats headphones. I wear ten dollar headphones I got at Big Lots when I listen to podcasts, so she no doubt has a better aural experience than I do. Her brother, roughly age 1, wore a T-shirt that accurately said "Cool Little Bro". Their parents hit the ten percent milestone on the same Sunday. The leader also gave me a shout-out for having lost 95 pounds. Though I am at my goal, it was fun to be noticed for something other than being in the back row. The leader gave me 19 gold stars, one for each five pounds. But I only counted out 17 from the box, in a glaring math error of no moment.

After Weight Watchers, I walked on the Chishom Trail in Plano, near a part of
Rowlett Creek where the water is deeper and dozens of ducks, gulls and cormorants congregate.

I went to church at Suncreek UMC, where the sermon was a passage from the Gospel according to Luke. I saw an American Robin in a tree as I pulled out of the parking lot.

I had a lettucewich at Whichwich and then I went home. I had a busy afternoon planned of chores and practical things. But my wife asked if I could instead join her to go furniture shopping. We drove to Richardson to Ethan Allen.

My wife introduced me to the saleswoman, a retired architect. My wife and she had hit it off because my wife's mother was born in Santa Marta, Colombia and the saleswoman was from nearby Barranquilla. My wife had brought a picture of her mother, age 17, sitting with a friend by a hotel pool in the 1950s.The kind saleswomen identified the setting as the Hotel El Prado in Barranquilla. I pulled up a few pictures via my browser of the hotel. Sure enough, the hotel had the same pool and palm trees, with a unique water feature that cemented the identification.

We bought the media cabinet that my wife had wanted to buy while it was on sale.
I knew we were on safe ground when I realized it was the exact same model my in-laws have had for years. We also looked at a reclining chair for me, but none of the ones Ethan Allan had were the right thing. We went instead to Stonebriar Mall, where we visited the La Z Boy store. There, for half the price of the other store, I chose a suitable chair. The chair I sit on now in our living room is one we picked up very inexpensively a decade or more ago, as a stop-gap until we
upgraded our furniture. We got our money's worth from this ordinary, on-reclining padded purple chair. My new chair will take some weeks to arrive.

I drove to Allen Station Park, where I walked a bit to bring my daily step count up to over 13,000. Tonight we ate roast beef on whole wheat bolillo bread and watched the Oscars. I was glad about the Best Picture winner.

Tonight someone on Flickr commented to three of my photos to point out that I had mistaken an immature White-Crowned Sparrow for a Chipping Sparrow. I was glad for the clarification.

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