Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Art and Asian Tacos

I got up early and took Beatrice for a morning walk. The pond featured American Wigeons today. At 9:30, my wife and I headed to early vote at the Allen Municipal building. When we signed in as Democrats, I noticed that, as per usual, far more Republicans than Democrats were voting in the primary. The only time this changed was when President Obama ran for his first term.

We headed to the train station on Parker Road. The Red Line train south featured dozens of pre-teen cheerleaders and their mothers heading to a huge cheerleading competition in downtown Dallas. They wore elaborate make-up, somewhat reminiscent of a cross between kabuki and the ballerinas in the movie "White Christmas". I watched a mom tease a 12-year-old's hair into a lather of towering tousle. At each stop, more cheerleaders boarded, each with a different set of team uniforms, and each accompanied by glitter-uniformed moms and dads. We rode surrounded by good cheer on the Red Line and then rode, cheerless, on the Orange Line to the University of Dallas station.

We walked across to the university. A kind ceramics professor saw us walk onto campus. He pulled up in a truck laden with students. He asked if we were going to the Chagall exhibition. Then he gave us a ride in his green truck.

The little gallery in the University Museum had fifty Marc Chagall Bible-themed etchings on exhibition. The admission was free, though we did donate a bit to the
jar. They even provided a free recorded guide. The exhibition was grand--we both like Chagall, and this was extraordinary work. We were able to linger before the pictures, as the museum was not overwhelmed with patrons but had just the right number.

After the gallery, we walked by the ceramics building.I liked the huge kilns in a neighboring building.

Then we walked to the chapel, an interesting space known as the Church of the Incarnate Word. I liked the foraging Dark-Eyed Juncos just outside the building.

We caught the Orange Line train back to downtown Dallas. We went to Klyde Warren Park, Dallas' downtown urban space park on an overpass. We examined all the food trucks, before settling on one serving Vietnamese food. My wife had a tofu rice dish, while I had "tofu Asian tacos". Our food was great! That little urban park on a kind of overpass is really impressive--and so popular. It helped that the weather was warm and windless though cloudy.

We went to the Dallas Museum of Art. There we toured the Jackson Pollock exhibit, "Blind Spots" about his late career black and white paintings. This work enchanted us both. We also saw a set of Dutch paintings from the 17th Century, including the Vermeer of the girl sitting at a musical keyboard instrument called a Virginal. We saw, too, a nice display of 12th to 14th Century Islamic art.

We then stopped by the Crow Collection, Dallas' Asian art museum. The special exhibition of tiny landscapes by the Indian painter Bireswar Sen proved delightful. I almost never use the museum-provided magnifying glass to look at art, but these were an exception. The level of detail at a very fine level was amazing.Yet the pictures were more fun without the magnification nonetheless.

We caught the train home, petted our dog Beatrice, and now we're relaxing. This was a grand belated Valentine's Day excursion.

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