Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hail chickadee

I took a very late lunch today, practically a lupper, after a few work-related calls. I walked in Travis Farm Park, which is a small park in Murphy, Texas. I liked seeing the Carolina Chickadees sing in the sunshine.

Tonight we met our friends Scott and Donna for dinner at Aboca's in Plano, a great neighborhood Italian place. I had grilled salmon, a side of sphaghetti, marinara, vegetables and a salad. My food was grand--portions all Goldilocks, and not too gargantuan or too liliputian.

After dinner, we walked next door to Alamo Drafthouse, where we sat in the lovely back row of a small movie theater and watched "Hail, Caesar". We loved the film and all laughed at the same things. I suspect we are all of the same era. I love movies about Los Angeles before I lived there.

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