Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Redhead morning

Last night I read some old Livejournal entries. I found the one from May 2005 when I first went to Weight Watchers. That was 93 pounds ago. Later that year, I talked about planting new crape myrtle trees, after several other trees had not succeeded in our front yard. Those crape myrtles are a decade old now, and beginning to look
as hoped.u

Not too long ago, I found the first post I made after installing Fedora Linux on my $ 53 eBay laptop. That was three years ago. I use Linux as my primary home computer on both the desktop and the laptop. I use different distributions now--Peppermint OS (based on Ubuntu and Debian) and Q4OS (based on Debian). But I've never looked back. I still have issues. I cannot use the audio software Jack well yet, so I make music with Windows tools imported via the WINE software. But overall, it's been great to switch.

I ran into the post in which I got my last Windows laptop for work six years ago. I have gotten a lot of life out of that laptop, though I rarely use it now. I should fire it up,update it, and install Puppy Linux on a dual boot with Windows
Today before Weight Watchers I walked on the Chisholm Trail, a sidewalk set by a creek in Plano. I liked the Eastern Bluebird I saw. I had considered going to the 8 a.m. bird walk at Connemara. But I did not feel up to three hours' walking on a chilly morning.

At Weight Watchers, I learned that I exactly 0.0 pounds. I seem to have hit an equilibrium in which I am maintaining my weight. In my mind, I'd like to lose another ten or so, but my doctor (and also my wife) insist that I stand pat.

After Weight Watchers, I went to church at First UMC. The "Way" service in the chapel featured the first of a three-part ethics series of sermons by retired Perkins School of Theology professor Thomas McFaul. He discussed approaches to ethics analysis based on faith and love versus those based on moral rules. I found myself more deeply in sympathy with the former. I liked the hymns we sang a lot. During the question and answer session after the sermon, one fellow was insistent about a particular "traditionalist" view about abortion that I do not share. It struck me how the debates go on and on, and so many people seem so positive of their positions.

I went to Bethany Lakes Park after the service, where I was delighted to see a Redhead duck on the little park lake. Then I went to KFC,where I ate grilled chicken and read with disapproval of how John Calvin caused the execution of Servetus. I am glad some of the world now lives in more tolerant times.

I went home and slept. My wife was out shopping. I got up near three thirty and took Beatrice for walk. The warm afternoon sun felt great. I also drove to little Green Park where Yellow-Rumped Warblers flourished. I listened to the Australian Linux podcast while I walked to Dayspring Nature Preserve and back.

Tonight we ate turkey sandwiches and squash soup. Now we are about to watch "Downton Abbey".

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