Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

demon kingfisher

I slept in until 8:45 a.m., after a bout or two of wakefulness in the night. My wife had left for a hair appointment. I called the Allen Veterinary Centre to see if they could trim Beatrice's nails. I drove there at 9:17 or so, where they complimented Beatrice upon her orange jacket and then capably and competently handled the needful.

After I safely re-deposited Beatrice at home, I did two loads of laundry and folded the clothes from the first load. I watched part of a movie about a man who turns into a demonic motorcycle rider and part of another movie about a teen who turns into a web-spinning arachnid-man.

I drove to the air pump outside the Tom Thumb grocery's gas pumps. My car had been telling me that my tires were low. I aired up all four tires. Then I drove to Towne Lake Park to walk around. In the woodland section next to the lake, things were a bit muddy but I got good views of White-Throated Sparrows and of a Yellow-Rumped Warbler. Then, at the lake I watched a Belted Kingfisher, an Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Bluebirds and American Goldfinches.

I had a very late lunch of a lettucewich from Whichwich. Then I made my way home. I took Beatrice for a walk in the park. She barked twice at a well-groomed standard poodle. The poodle's owner graciously had Beatrice and I walk past, as the poodle kept staring at my elderly junkyard dog. In the late afternoon, I spoke by phone for an hour with my sister in Alabama.

My wife and I went out for Taiwanese Chinese food. Now we are watching an English mystery on PBS. I drew a picture of the number 60 using inkscape to post a happy birthday message on my cousin Steve's facebook page. steve is a really nice man, who deserves dozens upon dozens of happy and healthy returns.

Tomorrow warm weather arrives again.

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