Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

long bicycle ride

I walked on the Chisholm Trail first thing in the morning. I saw a large Cooper's Hawk in a tree high above the trail. At Weight Watchers I found I gained two-tenths of a pound. I dined on baby carrots, dill pickles, and two slices of pizza.

In the mid-afternoon, I hopped on my bicycle. I determined to ride all the way from my home to Allen Station Park. I had been at the park yesterday, and developed a desire to do the ride on the new expansion of the bicycle path.

The ride took 48 minutes to go from the Watters Creek Trail through some suburban streets, onto the Cottonwood Creek Trail and on to the park. This permitted me to take a path under the Central Expressway to the park. I liked the two little boys on the way who ran a stand that sold glasses of Crystal Light in lieu of Lemonade or the cyclamate-filled Kool-Aid of my youth.

At the park, I took photographs of Cedar Waxwings, a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, and a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, with varying success. Then I began to ride home. I took a wrong turn in the suburban areas. I wandered a bit, before finally getting navigation from Google on my smart phone. Google found me bicycle paths that got me safely home. I had burned 85 minutes on what should have been a forty-five minute ride home. I arrived when dusk was not quite dark. Now we are watching Downton Abbey after a supper sandwich.

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