Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Irrational joy!

It is my theory that we all have one song which is our Universal Irrational Source of Well-being. It's a song which just lifts one's spirits to the highest heights, even though it is wholly irrational that it should do so. The "irrational" part is not really a "song" thing, but instead refers to the fact that this song just makes one completely, religiously, rapturously high even though it is an entirely different genre than one's favorite music, and is not by an artist or band one particularly considers one's favorite artist or band.

My Universal Irrational Source of Well-being is the Earth, Wind and Fire song "September", whose pulsing tones make me feel emotions of joy I can only describe in ways which read much better as they scroll across my mind than they would read in a weblog, as the language of ecstasy is so inadequate (not to mention roo reliant on the intimate metaphor) to describe the inner rush inspired by such songs. I'm not a huge E, W, & F fan otherwise, and I'm not much for dance music, but with an almost novel-like coincidence, this song is always playing when the tide has turned and joy is mine once again.

Do any of you have songs which are so wholly unlike anything to which you like to listen, but which are for you Universal Irrational Sources of Well-being? Has an odd song ever saved your soul?
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