Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sweet potato winds

I drove to Weight Watchers at 9:30 a.m. I had lost a pound. Then I went to church at Suncreek UMC. The childrens' choirs sang, with a high school flautist accompanying them. After church,I drove to Bethany Lakes Park, where I saw lots of Winter songbirds. My efforts to take Yellow-Rumped Warbler images worked out well, but my repeated efforts to take a photograph of peripatetic G olden-Crowned Kinglet on several branches three or four feet away revealed more out-of-focus bird than a watching Big Bird on television without my glasses.

I ate two soft chicken tacos at Taco Bell. Then my wife and I drove to the suit store to pick up my new suit and my new sportcoat. Both were in good order. We took Beatrice for a walk in weather with mild temperatures but high winds. I watched some televised football playoffs for a bit.

We watched an episode of "Doc Martin". We supped on an amazing pureed sweet potato and apple soup my wife prepared, inspired by a similar soup we had last Summer in Scotland. We will watch Downton Abbey and then I plan to turn in early.

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