Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

RC SUV and Tunafish

I stopped off on the way to Weight Watchers to print up a photo of a Harris' Sparrow. I affixed it to a card for a bulletin board about accomplishments, along with a blurb about walking two hours+ (actually, a bit under three) in the cold on Saturday. Exercise is an accomplishment in Weight Watchers, even if it is also great fun.

After the meeting, I was going to head to church. But instead I went to Shawnee Park in Plano. I saw American Goldfinches, Dark-Eyed Juncos, Ring-Necked and Mallard Ducks and a Northern Cardinal. Then I drove to Bethany Lakes Park, where I saw Yellow-Rumped Warblers and a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet.

Here's the aptly-named warbler:

Here's the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet:

When it Summers in Canada or the far northern U.S., its crown is quite prominent. But in the Winter one has to look carefully to distinguish it from its Golden-crowned cousin.

Bethany Lakes Park is comprised of three small man-made tiny lakes (or decent-size ponds).
One is lined on its backside with trees. I was birding there, as I often do, when I noticed lots of grown men on the path. They had lots of radio controlled little Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). They were using their radio controllers to cause them to impressively hike ravines.

My camera batteries were almost out, or I would have made a short climbing film.

I dine on pickles, carrots and two slices of pizza. Then I headed home. I had been invited to contribute a song to an album to come out in March. I used the Tunafish sequencer and several home-made samples I had on hand to create a 4 minute song. I sent it off to the compilation sponsor.

The weather went from cold to merely chilly and sunny in the afternoon. I took Beatrice for a walk. Overhead, a hot-air balloon floated.

In the late afternoon, I used the program MyPhotoStrip and the program Open Shot Video to make a music video for my song "Constellation Blackbird". I was pretty happy with it.
Folks post my songs with still pictures on Youtubes, and I thought a photo set might be more fun to watch.

We watched "Downton Abbey" and I dined on tortilla soup. Tomorrow night I hope to get some personal paperwork done.

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