Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

chili tales

I like the little Loggerhead Shrike at Heritage Park in Sachse. It lives there year around, prowling the trees in the sidewalk circling the little baseball field.

I used to play baseball when I was a kid. I was a pretty good right fielder. I hit well and fielded well, but played best in right because my throwing strength was not great. I played up until I turned 16, when I gave up league play. It felt good to get my Summers back,even if I could no longer hit the baseball in game conditions.

The ballfield where I played Little League and Babe Ruth level baseball had a volunteer concession stand. The stand was a small square building built of some painted cinderblock material. The building's interior was about the size of a high-ceilinged master bedroom.

The specialty of this concession stand was the chili dog. The ordinary hot dogs were good enough--perfectly cooked franks in toasted buns with just the right amount of mustard. But the chili dogs were another thing altogether. I don't know just what went into the chili--in that 1960s/1970s day and age it could well have been a variant of some commercial canned brand like Wolf Brand Chili. All I know is that a chili dog or two made everything great.

Here in Texas folks make some folderol about true chili lacking beans. I do not subscribe to this theory. I like chili with beans. I also prefer turkey to beef in my chili, which probably is inconsistent with all things Texan.

There's something to be said for vegetarian chili. But tonight I had bananas.

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