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star wars playbook

I wondered last night if I would get up to take the Audubon Society bird walk. Because it began at 7:30 a.m., and I did not awake until 7:10 a.m., I learned that the answer was "no". I had stayed up late watching the new Shannara program on MTV (of all places).

I got up and did my whites and socks in the laundry. I made two packets of light instant oatmeal. At eleven, I started walking at Limestone Quarry Park. The weather proved as cold as advertised. The temperature hit a cold but not absurd level--about 3 degrees C. But the wind bit. Where we live features wind more prevalent than in the "windy city" Chicago, though not the brisk tumbleweed wind of the Texas Panhandle.

When I drove to the park, I saw a tree with dozens of Cedar Waxwings. I took some fog-affected pictures of them. Then, when I first got out of the car, I saw a huge feeding flock on the ground. Though sparrow-like, I realized that they were not sparrows. This afternoon, I confirmed on Facebook's "What's this Bird?" page that these little birds were American Pipits, a lifetime first for me to see this bird and know I was seeing it. I also saw twenty House Finches, thirty European Starlings, I also saw Northern Cardinals, a Harris' Sparrow, and a Carolina Chickadee. I listened to the Ubuntu Podcast with its year-end episode. But after 29 minutes, I found myself beaten by the cold wind.

I drove to Russell Creek Park, where I took photos of the tons of feeding American Robins along the entryway lane. I had sausage pizza slices at CiCi's pizza.
Then I drove to Allen Bowl to get more exercise. This little neighborhood lane place was quite pleasant and I got a lane immediately. I had not bowled in over five years. I played four games, rolling an 84, a 120, a 96 and a 110. As usual, my hand strength is so-so, so I did much better with lighter balls than bowling a heavy ball.

We dined at Pollo Tropical, whose food I enjoy ever since I discovered this chain in Miami,years ago. Our local outlet is a bit confused, though, as they always seem to have made less chicken than the market demands. I had to eat a dark meat combo,as they only had one white meat combo (which I ceded to my wife). We had a nice dinner nonetheless.

We made it to the 6:45 p.m. showing of the Star Wars Movie in McKinney. We liked it very much, though I liked it better than my wife did. She pointed out that action movies like Star Wars lack the subtlety of, say, "Silver Linings Playbook". I pointed out that a popcorn movie is a popcorn movie, and popcorn movies are a good thing.

I logged in my bird sightings to In late 2014, my "lifetime list" on eBird was in the high 80s. Now it is 162. I did not log things I saw in past years, such as Scarlet Macaws and a Keel-Billed Toucan in Costa Rica, or the Great Kiskadee, Green Jay or Altamyra Orioles I saw in McAllen, Texas near the southern border, years ago. But I am happy with my list anyway so far.

Tomorrow afternoon I must work, so it was good to have had so much fun today.

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