Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

licenses and songs

Some few weeks ago I received a call to submit to a new netlabel music compilation about the idea of when robots or artificially intelligent machines obtain sentience.
I found myself early on the morning of New Year's Eve working to meet the New Year's Day deadline. I like submitting to compilations because I like the way each compilation is exposed to a different set of people, and the way that I find creating one song for a compilation easier than, say, five for an EP or twelve for an LP. Yesterday I created a song that made me fairly happy in very short order, using the Sawcutter 2.0 synthesizer and the open source audio editor Audacity. I titled it with the rather retro moniker "The Robot Smiles Upon Enlightenment" and send it winging in all its 3:36 minute ambient glory to the project curator. If it is accepted for the compilation, the release will occur in a month or two. I like the way that netlabel projects move at a rapid pace as a general rule.

This morning I looked up information on getting one's music onto streaming services. This has a few issues of principle. I like to be able to issue music with liberal Creative Commons licenses. At least some aggregators are too aggressive in their use of Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown notices, largely administered with the blunt instrument of very imperfect detection software. I would not want someone to use one of my attribution-licensed (CC BY or CC BY SA) songs in a podcast or video and then face an annoying takedown notice when they complied with my license (i.e., gave credit and perhaps shared their own work in the same license way). I looked at one of the aggregators' contracts, only to find it required a grant of all on-line digital rights. So that is not ideal. Perhaps I should create an album solely to be released on such an aggregator. I prefer to use CC licenses, but it would be fun to
get some songs on, say, Spotify. The last time I checked, there is some material on which my music appears there, but precious little.

I am now listening to one of the Machtdose Creative Commons music podcasts from July 2015 and enjoying it quite well. I still have one postal chess game on-line going.
I am a pawn up in the game but uncertain if I can win it.

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