Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Slacko Holidays

Sunday I wrapped gifts, addressed a wave of holiday cards, walked Beatrice, walked myself, attended church at the pop song church, took pictures of American Goldfinches and Yellow-Rumped Warblers, went to Weight Watchers, ate a Mandarin Orange, bought a Christmas gift from a store that helped me almost instantly without a needless wait, and ate grilled chicken at a brrr-cold KFC.

I also installed Puppy Linux Slacko 6.3 on my back-up desktop computer, which is now a testing ground computer. I always like Puppy Linux, which was one guy's vision (named after his beloved Dachshund) that became a community-driven distribution. I usually load the Puppy versions which draw their software from Ubuntu, which has huge software repositories. But Slacko, which draws from the less-extensive Slackware repositories, has a lot of learning opportunities--how to convert or build compatible packages from other packages. Slackware is short on video editing software, which is a must for me to have. I may keep it on, or I may replace it to test something else. I have been following a new distribution called Solus OS which looks interesting and is about to go to its first production release--the proverbial version 1.0.
This morning I got up at 15 minutes before the crack of dawn. I found my cell phone had not charged properly. I had just enough time to partially remedy it before I set out in the dark for an important business matter all the way down in downtown Dallas, 25 miles away. Traffic was light, as it gets in the wee hours. I made it downtown early, My business matter consumed most of the day. I like my work. My only regret was that the press of my matter kept me from mailing today's crop of holiday cards. I am grateful that there are twelve days of Christmas.

I stopped by my office, shared a legal war story with my associate, and then headed to Brazilian Cowboy in Plano. I met there my wife, my brother, my sister-in-law and my sister for a wonderful holiday dinner. I ate fairly moderately. Now I am watching "The Homecoming" on television with the Christmas tree lights turned on.

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