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I found myself in a traffic jam on the Central Expressway this morning. Still, by clouds parted so that I made it to my 9 a.m. medical appointment on time. I was kept waiting until 10:15, but my doctor profusely apologized. I got a good prognosis that amounts to a regimen of keeping enough sodium in my diet.

At lunch I took pictures of Eastern Bluebirds, A Golden-Crowned Kinglet (who, like all kinglets, had no fear of humans), American Goldfinches and a Tufted Titmouse. The warm weather and abundance of seeds brought the avian neighborhood out.

At day's end, I showed my partner how to work the decade-old laptop I am passing on to his toddler son. It had a lot of age-appropriate games on it, and an installation of Puppy Linux. The package manager seemed to have a hiccup, but it was only that I had forgotten to connect us to the internet.

Tonight we ate sandwiches on wheat thins after I walked Beatrice on a dark, warm night.

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