Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

skype and toy

My wife flew up to Kansas City this afternoon to spend the weekend with her dad. I got off work at 5 and drove to Emily's Pizza in Plano, which I had never tried. I had a dry salad and a very workmanlike slice of cheese pizza.

For 24 hours starting yesterday morning, I had my first experience of wearing a heart monitor.
Nobody thinks there is anything to worry about, but the routine test is to make sure that there is nothing non-routine about. It was fun to have the little sensors on, with a blue button to push if any odd things happened. I took it off this morning and drove it to the doctor's at lunch.

Today horrible terrorist events have shaken Baghdad, France, and Lebanon. It's so sad what folks do to other folks. Meanwhile, Japan has a risk of tsunami. Yet my dog Beatrice and I threw her toy. Our lives are sheltered from this wrath.

I saw a little dog outside Williams Chicken in Garland today. He seemed happy, but he was without a collar in a high-traffic area. I felt badly that I wanted him to be safe but there was nothing I could do. I resolved to do more for the abundant situations in life when there is something I can do.

I had a great hour-long call with an old friend. I took it via Skype, whose sound quality impresses me these days.

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