Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

in praise of pumpkin

Friday evening we went to San Miguel,where we each had chicken enchiladas with verde sauce. I loaded the LXDE desktop onto my Q4OS laptop,but the wi-fi inexplicably failed to connect. Soon I realized that I had somehow borked the entire installation. I remedied that today, after which I loaded lots of FOSS lightweight games onto this laptop. I found myself playing a simple puzzle game called KBounce at length today.I like Q4OS, as it is a simple way to have a Debian-based distribution without having to go through hassle to get the codec repositories easily available.

Best Buy sent me a "mystery gift certificate" which expired today. I went to the local store to find it was for the princely sum of five dollars. I bought AA batteries with the credits. Nobody said the word Christmas to me, but the sales folks were pretty darn eager. I ate a delightful hot dog at Mooyah,with a huge dry side salad. I hope that the Word Health Organization, which recently decried hot dogs,will forgive me.

I love November weather. Today Beatrice and I walked in chilly, cloudy grayness. This afternoon, the sun came out and the clouds cleared. My wife and I got on our bicycles and rode the entire Watters Creek Trail. I liked the Autumn color along a small pond on the trail.

I learned last night that a friend is ill. Another fellow I know also got an unwelcome diagnosis. I need to call a different friend tomorrow.I watched the television as the football team from my college alma mater win an improbable overtime victory tonight. I dined on roast turkey, carrots and
turnip greens at Market Street for dinner.

Tonight the temperature is supposed to fall below 15 degrees C for the first time since Spring. I hope to get up early tomorrow to see early birds.

I saw a specialist doctor on Friday. I get surreal medical interactions these days, like an instruction to eat more salt and drink sports drinks. I seem to be okay overall.

I saw a twitter tweet from a cafe in Galveston about pumpkin cheesecake, which sounded delightful. I disfavor early Christmas and Thanksgiving marketing, but favor November pumpkin marketing.

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