Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

accipiter and salt

The mornings stay dark later each day. Today when Beatrice and I began our walk, we saw an accipiter hawk on a nearby chimney-top. I am sure it is an immature hawk,but I am not sure if it is a Cooper's Hawk or a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. I thought it was probably the latter, but so far the feedback on the "What Bird is this? facebook page is the former.

Just after noon, another hack hit my email. I caught it in 40 minutes, thanks to a call from my sister. This led me to realize that the problem may be a virus on the Windows machine at my work, as I had not clicked on malware since my password change two days ago and the problem hit during almost the same time as the last one. My IT guy came in this evening to see if he could sort it out. I'm sure he'll solve it or re-install around it.

This afternoon I had my annual physical. I had something to talk about with the doctor. I got some good advice, a good referral back to a specialist, and a chance to give blood to the lab. I felt amused to be one of the few middle-aged men told to stop losing weight and to eat more salt. I even got my flu shot.

In lieu of breakfast and lunch, I had grilled chicken,broccoli, green beans and a biscuit at KFC.

The rains moved in tonight. Flash flood watches are in effect for Saturday. We need the rain. A cool front is even moving in, which will be delicious.

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