Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

diva's inconsistent buddy

Beatrice is self-directed. On her walks, she often pretends that other dogs do not exist, or that she does not see them. One particular aged beagle of fine disposition always causes her to stare straight ahead and plow on.

Monday she saw her friend Diva, a winsome and well-behaved Lhasa Apso. After the barest hello, Beatrice started marching, as if leaving an unhappy home.

This morning, though, Beatrice greeted Diva warmly, and then said "hi" to each of Diva's owners. When a young terrier enthusiastically wanted to greet her, Beatrice did give her customary "that's a bit much for me, thank you" and depart. She instead
quickly said "hi" back. Chilly mornings bring out the warmth in us all.

I got something on a family matter mailed out a day before a deadline, only to find a letter advising me of a new deadline to meet. The universe remained in balance.

At lunchtime, I saw two Song Sparrows, a bird that winters here. In the evening, flocks of American Robins flew overhead. Chilly afternoons are predicted for next week; just as well, as it is warmer than is seasonal this month.

I made an appointment for next week to get my physical done. Then I will see if the recent thing I get when I dehydrate easily has a cause beyond aging and the Texas heat.

I am interested this week in Q4OS, in the DeBussy piece I heard on the radio, and in my dreams last night.

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