Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dinner roll reverie

I looked up my livejournal entry for the day I purchased my tablet/ereader. I have had it now for 4 years and 3 months. If I take what I paid for it, and divided it by the number of uses, then my per-use expense has been very favorable (even after counting electricity and even after replacing the cord I lost to a lightning storm).

The ereader runs Android 2.1 or so, so that it can run some apps, play audio, and download and then play video. It does not connect to the Google Play store, though I did side-load the Amazon Apps store some years ago. I looked to see what new Apps in the store still work for it. I could find none, but I may have been missing something.

I am reading another in a long series of science fiction novels. I like this one, but my progress is a bit slow. I seem to knock it out five pages at a time.

I tried Baked Ruffles chips for lunch--not bad, even if the flavor was something called "Cheddar and Sour Cream". We ate grilled catfish for dinner--though I grew up on fried catfish, an Arkansas delicacy, I enjoy it grilled nearly as well.

I thought the other day about things in my 1960s childhood that I rarely eat as often now. We rarely have black-eyed peas, though that dish was a staple starch of my childhood. Home-made dinner rolls were common in cafes and in school, but modern restaurant rolls are not as good. I used to eat fresh blackberries every Spring as a child,due to patients of my country doctor father. I rarely eat them now, and they are never as good as those fresh ones. I never eat Pop Tarts, though my favorite flavor is brown sugar/cinnamon.

Work is pleasingly busy. Grapes and watermelons should only be seedless. All shelter cats should be adopted into good homes. My wife said she hopes we go to Scotland again someday soon, and I hope so, too. We got our VAT refund via credit card for the merchandise we bought in Scotland, which made me feel happy.

I canceled my Sirius XM account after forgetting to do my 6 months call to haggle from the standard price to the low bargain price. In the past, I have been able to haggle a retroactive waiver in part to keep the low rate, but this time the really helpful guy just helped me cancel the account He did a good sales job that would have worked with a little more credit to waive the higher-rate fees. Then he was gracious thereafter when it did not work. Call-in desk folks live hard lives, in some ways, and I respected his professionalism when he was talking to an anonymous stranger not renewing.

The park near my work is full of House Finches and Eastern Bluebirds. I went to kindergarten in a little red schoolhouse. I wear a red shirt to walk my dog on cool October mornings.

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