Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Learning a little

I took Beatrice to the vet. We go back Friday. When they took her in back to check her glucose, she cried a bit. She wears her heart on her sleeve in her senior years. The folks at the vet office do a great job.

My Android LJ app erroneously showed a comment made to one journal as being posted in another. Data scrambles. Glad it sorted via laptop.

An old friend's younger son just got his college admit letter. I liked that the letter was a keepsake unto itself. I think formal and informal education deserves celebration.

I liked most school, loved some school and only hated some school. I think that education delivery should be re-mapped a bit to recognize competence with credentials where doable. I also think that the move to shift the burden of education from government to individual scholars is a perfect example of baby boomer pull-up-the-ladder selfishness.

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