Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


I had to mail two time-sensitive letters today--one Express Mail and one Priority Mail. I drove at lunch to the post office in Wylie, about 15 minutes from my office.
I love the quiet feel of post offices in the quiet season.

On my way, I stopped for Church's fried chicken. For some reason, Church's fried chicken fits all those Weight Watchers points schemes without the usual hassle of removing the skin. I had a drumstick and a breast but eschewed the lovely-looking biscuit.

Last night I watched on-demand the first Capaldi episode of Doctor Who. I thought it a good episode overall. I rarely watch Doctor Who, but like it when I do watch it.

My sister helped me get something necessary done today. I like 9:15 a.m. calls better than 9 a.m. calls. I bought bananas and chayote squash. I am starting to think about Saturday.

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