Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

kestrels ahoy

This Autumn the bird migration in in session, but I rarely see any rarities. I saw a good few Least Sandpipers, but most migrating flocks I've seen have been Brown-Headed Cowbird. I've seen two yellow-ish birds, but both were too far away to sort. But today I saw two American Kestrels, a sign that Winter birds are arriving. Kestrels live here in some numbers year-round, but in Winter they come in substantial numbers. I saw two today in two different parks--one was a young male and the other a slightly more mature male. I also saw a Belted Kingfisher, one of my favorites.

Beatrice seems a bit better today, but we'll see what we learn over time. My sister pitched in to help with something today. I get easily dehydrated lately. I suppose it's about time to set up my annual doctor's check-up.

This new Supergirl TV show might be fun when it comes out.

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