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scrambling on the ice

Business travel to San Francisco varies with the season. Most of the year, a discount hotel website such as will generate a low-priced choice by the San Francisco airport, in the town of Burlingame. But sometimes the September/October/November season brings conventions and tourists. Then one has to shop a bit, if, like me, one hates to cause clients to incur huge hotel expenses.

When we reserved the Quality Inn in South San Francisco, we had to pay a bit more than I like to pay for a 2 1/2 star place. The hotel sent a nice car to pick me up from the airport. It was located in a somewhat industrial area. The hillside sign for how South San Francisco is an industrial city was within plain sight.

But the hotel turned out to be very pleasant. The SF Bay Trail seashore walkway had a trailhead just across the street. This section of this huge sidewalk trail by the bay had none of the upscale restaurants and three star hotels of the Burlingame section.
Instead, it had lots more birds and open wetlands areas. I quite enjoyed walking there.

The hotel had a good staff, and an IHOP was nearby. Like a lot of hotels that cater to business travelers on a budget, it had reasonably-priced soft drinks, an abundance of quiet, and a good free breakfast. I give hotels extra points for ease and avoidance of nickel-and-diming.

This morning the fellow in the black Mercedes whom the hotel uses instead of a shuttle bus took me to the San Bruno BART train station instead of the airport BART station, because he correctly said San Bruno's fare to downtown SF was 3 dollars cheaper. I was early to my morning meeting, so I walked around downtown. I also picked up a tie as I had forgotten to pack one.

I flew home in the mid-afternoon. During the flight, I read another science fiction novel. My current method of choosing the novels to read by skimming the Locus Magazine on-line reviews for things I might like has worked very well so far. This one gota advertised as a bit wordy,which is okay to me,because so am I.

I like that Southwest offers live TV in-flight (and that it plays on Linux). I also played xGalaga, achieving the (rather elementary) Level Four and getting a new high score. I played Extreme Tux Racer,gathering many fish with my ice-sliding penguin. I also wrote simple programs in FMS Logo to draw colorful geometric figures. I spent some time reading about the 3-D commands.

We landed at 7:30. The very young woman next to me with the lip rings and nose rings used her cell phone selfie camera to check her hairstyle. I thought that was a good idea, and made a mental note. When we all deplaned, a woman I assume to be her mother met her at the gate, and the two warmly embraced as I passed. I find familial love heart-warming.
I got home to my own family after grabbing a fast food meal, and was met with a warm welcome. I paid some attention to the local baseball team's game. I just set my phone up to charge,and now my operating system is updating both my Firefox and Chromium browsers. There must be a new threat to foil.

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