Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Wetlands sands

Tonight I went to the Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society meeting. The director of the John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center gave a great talk about this water treatment plant that uses phytoremediation (remediation through plants) to cleanse water.
The late Mr. Sands was part of the Hunt family, who pioneered holistic ranching kept a wetlands even before regulations required he do so. The wetlands center is a fitting memorial to a guy who perhaps deserves one.

The speaker showed us great photos of the mating pair of Bald Eagles that just arrived at the refuge, and great pictures of the local bobcats. I must go bird watching at that wetlands boardwalk some day.

Today I saw a Red-Tailed Hawk at Salmon Park in Sachse. Tonight I ate grilled chicken from KFC, taking home the biscuit but eating the green beans and kernel corn. We have fresh grapes and diet Root Beer. to

I finished reading a science fiction novel. The novel was the second in a row I have read to portray a species on another planet without the ability to see. This marks only 11 novels finished so far this year, all science fiction and fantasy. I read much more non-fiction now than I did years ago. After 11 sci-fi's, perhaps I'll read another, or perhaps I'll read a mystery instead.

Local sports news is ablaze with the second-string quarterback hiring after the local professional sports team lost its first-string quarterback to an injury. I am old enough to remember the era of "super-sub" second-string quarterbacks such as Earl Morrall, who led the Colts to a championship after Johnny Unitas was injured, and George Blanda, who served as a placekicker and substitute quarterback well into middle age. Those days seem to be gone. Fans of sports radio and sports radio sometimes seem to deserve one another.

A home exploded in a local suburb due to a gas leak. I hope the family recovers and also gets justice. The news is abuzz with Volkswagen's use of software to evade emissions limits. I signed up the Prairie and Timbers Audubon program to donate part of my Kroger purchases to the group. I like those rebate programs.

A seller sent me a completely wrong package, while sending the right package to the person who should have gotten my package. I will mail him back the wrong package, but I hope he can get me the right package. It was a phenomenally inexpensive buy!

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