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The recent spate of needless school violence got me thinking tonight about school shootings through United States history. Wikipedia devoted an entry to them,though the entry looked incomplete to me. I was struck but not surprised by the number of spurned suitors and estranged spouses among the mostly male shooters. A substantial number of discharged employees committed the crimes, as did one grandparent who retaliated for a child's punishment. Gun violence have been part of schools throughout history.

A graph I saw on the internet pointed out that police shootings have been steadily on the decline since Ronald Reagan's presidency. The recent spate of violence against police is also not something new.

This Summer I visited Dunblane Cathedral in Scotland. The Dunblane school massacre caused the United Kingdom to tighten its gun laws. The memorial in the cathedral moved me. Australia had a similar tragedy with similar results. But gun violence fails to have that effect in our country so far.

Meanwhile, former Governor Mike Huckabee offered to go to jail for publicity, the sisters Williams played tennis in their usual amazing way, and I ate a bowl of garden vegetable soup with my lunch.

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