Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

kindness and sandpipers

Monday I walked Beatrice in the dark. Beatrice ran. Then I went for dental x-rays and cleaning. The x-rays showed no cavities. I worked a solid day and then went home and went to bed early.

Tuesday Beatrice dawdled. I ate soft chicken tacos without cheese for lunch. I was touched when my former secretary Penny posted a facebook post at noon. She started working for me 30 years ago today. She works in southern California now. She started for me as a green legal secretary. Now she is an accomplished paralegal. Her kindness in posting an appreciative post moved me.

After work I walked in Timbers Nature Preserve. I was pleased to see that the renovations finally include re-sodding the ballfields. I heard distant gunfire and wondered if dove hunting season has begun. I saw Mourning Doves, a Red-Tailed Hawk, an Eastern Phoebe and a pair of American Kestrels.

I drove to Lake Lavon, where Least Sandpipers foraged on the shore.


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