Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tuesday shirt day

Clouds cooled things but produced no rain. Beatrice said hello to a large black dog during our walk. I saw a wasp preying on a large bug. The radio reported on a tiff between a celebrity-turned-politician named Donald Trump and a lawyer-turned-news-commentator named Megyn Kelly. The American Robins gather in feeding flocks. David Milliband explained to the public radio host about the problems faced by huge waves of refugees. "Four Weddings and a Funeral" is just beginning on HBO on Demand but I am soon going to pause it and pay bills.

John Bailey died. He was a few years ahead of me in school. He was a good guy. We used to play sandlot sports sometimes. I lost to him in a tennis match in the Gurdon city championship, second round. He was good and I was not. He let me win one game so that I would not be scoreless when I lost. I last saw him when I was in college and he was in grad school. I believe he became some kind of coach. I had read on Facebook of his cancer, but was not close to him. Still, it's sad to hear of a good guy's passing.

I thought of Celeron M, ate string cheese, saw a scad of bluebirds, and took shirts to Charley's Dry Cleaners. Charley sold the great small chain he built. But his name lives on, printed on the drop-off bags.

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