Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

features over interface

Tonight I noticed that got redesigned. I like,because it is a good place to listen to both netlabel and commercial music. I subscribe to the service, though its subscriber perks are not very extensive.

A friend on Facebook advised that he was dismayed with the new design, which alerted me that the design exists. The new graphic user interface is a bit more up-to-date, with a few features missing. I do not worry much about GUI (and someday I'll illustrate that with a post about why I like Puppy Linux more than I like OSX interfaces, but find both easy to use). But features matter. I see the beta now reduces the information to the artist about who is listening. I hope this changes before the official release.

Tonight I ate tiny dark-colored bananas from Ecuador, read with dismay yet another story that the former spokesman for Subway sandwiches will soon plea guilty to child pornography charges,and tried to install Frogger with WINE.

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