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I must admit to a fault here. I love it when mail art documentation for mail art calls to which I submit is posted on-line. I see that heymaggie has set up a web page for the responses to her "butterflies" mail art call. I love butterflies, so I was delighted to whip something up and post. As it involves a great deal of intricate technique (that is, I scotch taped some construction paper to a corruplast card), I thought I'd better guide discerning art fans to the page. Now let's see if I can get the HTML a h ref stuff all right:

Gurdonark's Amazing Sulphur Butterfly Collage, 2002.

Special thanks for heymaggie, a gallery owner who never demands sales or commissions. I believe this call is still open, and details are available in her LiveJournal, so I hope that others will postcard their impressions of butterflies off to her, because, after all, butterflies are free

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