Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

August jumping bubbles

Quick takes:
1. Republican debate: I vote Democratic, so it was like watching for the least of the lesser evils.
2. Bird Walk: I looked up when the Heard bird walk would take place tomorrow, but it turns out they do not have it in August.
3. Speaking of August: 25+ days of rainlessness, a customary August contrast to the unseasonably rainy record May.
4. Laptop: the sold laptop arrived in Florida in two days. Kudos to UPS. Buyer was happy with his new Puppy Linux rig, except then his daughter jumped on the bubble wrap, not realizing it had a laptop underneath. Screen repairs pending.
5. James Holmes: The Colorado theater killer got a life sentence. I think this is the right result, in light of his obvious mental illness. I think that the insanity defense should be a bit more available than the current rules permit, along the lines of a mitigating but not excusing diminished capacity defense. But given the rules applicable, the result for this deranged-man-and-calculating-terrorist-combined seems more or less right. I had thought the jury would not deadlock in life.
6. Souvenirs: My young friend texted me that he liked the Scottish heavy metal CD I brought him from Scotland.
7. Saturday morning: other than a walk for Beatrice, it's as yet unplanned, and yet it's the last cooler bit of space for fun this week.

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