Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Three Raptors

I packaged up the eBayed laptop and got it shipped by UPS. The shipping cost was less than I had estimated, even when I paid a little extra to get it packed up.

I saw three accipiters today. One was at noon in Salmon Park in Sachse, where a Cooper's Hawk flew from one tree to another and stayed perched while I got a good luck from afar. The second was at Bob Woodruff Park in Plano. I saw it fly into a tree. I could not get a good view of it, and I stepped away from the tree to give it space. Suddenly, a young dove came plopping out of the tree and flew away. I thought perhaps the hawk would pursue. But when that did not happen, I decided that the dove made an ungraceful but successful escape from the Live Oak tree before being noticed. The third accipiter flew by in the same park but later, a bit smaller.

I saw a tree with lots of Western Kingbirds. No hawks hassled them.

I got a lot done at work today. Tomorrow will be a busy day. The weather said that after the rainiest May in local history, we have now been without rain for the most consecutive days in 30 years.

The local state attorney general got indicted today for alleged securities violations before he became attorney general. I have a few opinions about his conduct and the charges, but perhaps the important thing now is what the judge and jury do in handling the matter.

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