Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

41 reasons to recycle

Sunday I got up early and walked Beatrice. Then I went to Weight Watchers at 9:30. I was up 2/10ths of a pound. My weight now is as low as it has been since I was 23 and in law school.

As I sat in the meeting, listening to enthusiastic exhortations that one should eat with common sense rather than diet, my eBay auction on my old laptop ended. This is the laptop I used back in 2005, upon which I loaded Puppy Linux. The first time I tried to auction it, it drew no bids. But I lowered the opening bid slightly, re-posted, and it drew numerous bids. The bidding went above the previous price which drew no bids, to settle at 41 dollars. I am pleased that the computer will go on to new uses instead of going to the landfill. I will send it out today, barring the unforeseen.

I stopped at the Bluebonnet Trail on my way across town, and watched Great-Tailed Grackles, foraging Northern Mockingbirds, and Trumpetvine.

I went to church at First United Methodist Church, where the sermon touched on the parable in Luke about the fellow who believed himself so righteous that even his prayer was to thank Heaven he was not the tax collector next to him. I thought of Edward Roland Sill's "The Fool's Prayer". This service was this church's more traditional "The Way" service. This Summer the hymns have all been the old Methodist tunes from the Cokesbury Hymnal. I remember a lot of these tunes from the church I attended when I was a small child. I got a bit energetic during one a bit higher than my register and rewarded myself with a verse of coughing.

After church, I ate scrambled eggs and waffles my wife had saved for me. Then I went to the Heard Natural Science Center to hike its shady trails. I saw few birds, but had a lot of fun. The place was lightly attended due to the August afternoon heat.

In the late afternoon I fell asleep when I intended to get some bills paid.They will wait until tonight. In the evening we watched television, and I fell asleep reading science fiction on my ereader. This morning so far I walked Beatrice and boxed that computer to go.

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