Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

WINE and mooyahb

After I walked Beatrice, I got a Facebook Messenger message from my young friend, suggesting that we get together. I picked him up at 8:45 a.m. We stopped by a doughnut shop to get my friend a pastry. Then we drove down to Renner Road and walked on the sidewalk trail.

Then we headed into Dallas to the "flagship" Half-Priced Books, the original store in the chain. I got a CD of Gorecki piano pieces. My young friend picked up two metal albums at a very low price. I also picked up a couple of sale Windows computer games as I wished to show my friend how to use WINE to run Windows games on Linux.

We went to lunch at Mooyah Burgers. I had never tried any of the locations of this sit-down counter-order burger chain. I had always assumed the entree items were all higher fat than I wanted. A bit of research on my cell phone disclosed that its hot dog with a side salad was perfectly doable. When the hot dog came out, I was pleasantly surprised.The hot dog was sliced and grilled and served on a kind of hoagie. The salad was abundant and fresh.

Then we headed to Firewheel Coffee. My friend had a smoothie,and I had an iced green tea flavored with a flavor elaborately called blackberry sangria. I am not at all an iced tea person, but I liked this iced tea. I tried to use WINE to install a game I bought at the used bookstore for one dollar, but it turned out a disk was missing.
A three-dollar game did install, but I got bored of watching it load. So I stopped using WINE. I instead went to the Software Center to hunt a free game.

I sorted out that the old arcade game Galaga had a Linux version called xGalaga. I downloaded it and began blowing things up real good on it. I also played some 3 minute a side chess at the Free Internet Chess Service. I lost the chess game on time. My friend and I discussed the Monster Mayhem heavy metal concert he is attending tomorrow.

After I dropped my friend off at home at 3 p.m., I went for a walk on Trinity Trail. Part of this trail is still underwater,but I was able to take a nice hike on the part that remained open.

Then I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park, where I watched a Killdeer and a Snowy Egret.

This evening I was still wanting to see about installing games with WINE, because my prior WINE instances had been for music or animation software. I remembered I had an unopened new game in my bookcase I had bought at a deep dscount during a prior foray to Half-Priced. It was a computer version of the Game of Life.

When I looked it it, I saw it was a 1998-era CD-ROM game. I fired up WINE, and then
got it to run on my Linux desktop. Soon a lot of fairly cartoony game animation started. Amused, I played the game through. I had a good life in the game, but I did not get as rich as the other players. Getting rich apparently is a key goal in the Game of Life.

My wife had been to lunch with a friend from work, and had a huge Mexican food lunch. So she was not up for dinner. So I went to Cici's Pizza Buffet and had pizza and salad. Now we are watching a show in which a boss with a corporate jet poses as an ordinary worker so that he can hear his workers talk about his

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